Getting Started

Welcome to your guide for getting started in Varamexia.
So, you have registered for the game, and you're thinking to yourself that all you can see is words on a page.
Those words you see are key to unlocking your sense of creativity and fantasy.
Text-based games are good if you do not have time to sit and pay attention to the screen, but still wish to gain a sense of accomplishment.
When playing, you will meet new online friends, form guilds and work together towards a bigger goal, all without having to pay much attention.
Starting Off
To start off your journey in Varamexia you have four popular choices.
Moving around is quite simple. On your game page you will see an image in the top right; this is called your mini-map. On your mini-map you will see some directional arrows. Hover over these to see the hint of where they lead. Click the arrow you wish to travel to and your timer will start. You can double click your mini-map to load the full map in a new tab. You can only travel to towns adjacent to your position.
Your inventory is where you hold all of your items. Think of it like a chest which you carry around with you and contains your items. This chest is then magical which grants you the ability to carry as much as you'd like, although it is not recommended for combat. The air in Varamexia makes items weightless, meaning you can carry as many items as you wish. This does not apply to storage.
Skill Locations
Below is a list of skills and the locations you can start them at.